Investment Model

  • Spot trading is a type of contract trading that uses the principle of capital leverage, and its price also represents the current price of the physical object.
    According to the trading rules of the margin contract, a certain percentage of margin can be used to purchase full physical trading rights. Use the trading rights of the full amount of commodities to buy up and sell down, and earn intermediate profits. Spot transactions are instant transactions (T+0 mode), consisting of three markets in Asia, Europe and America, 24 hours a day.

  • Money funds (Money funds, Money market funds, or Money market mutual funds) are a type of mutual fund that invests in cash deposits and short-term instruments (usually under 1 year) with high credit ratings.
    Generally speaking, these funds are considered to be a short-term safe haven for capital as the assets invested are less risky and rarely lose their principal. However, during the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, the collapse of some companies (e.g. Lehman Brothers) caused some money funds to suffer losses as a result of purchasing short-term notes of these companies.
    divinecows users can invest directly in money funds through their account at divinecows, earning 0.05% per day.
    Money market funds have the following characteristics. 1. Good liquidity, specialising in money market instruments for the portfolio. The money market fund manager can add additional investment amount at any time also can withdraw at any time. Money market funds are generally open-ended funds, so investors can invest at any time and realise at any time.
    2. Stable returns. The returns of money market funds are not as volatile as those of stock market funds and bond funds. The capital gains on money market fund assets are generally small but the returns are relatively stable, making them ideal for investors with a small risk appetite and a large liquidity preference.
    3. Investor diversification. Due to the tax exemption and high liquidity, a significant proportion of institutions and individuals use money market funds as a safe haven for cash-based assets. In particular, some non-financial companies often have a large financial capital position in the production and operation process. Without affecting their production turnover, it is a good choice to invest in money market funds in order to obtain the desired return on funds.
    4. Less risky. The nature of a money market fund's "wholesale funding" business allows it to complement the liquidity of various money market instruments by building a portfolio. This means that the risk of money market instruments, which are already very low, will be reduced to a lower level after the combination of money market funds.
    5. Higher yields than bank deposits. It is because money market funds can maximise the benefits of scale, and as institutional investors, they can get better market prices and higher yields, so their yields are generally higher than those of commercial bank deposits.
    6. Low fees. Money market funds do not charge fees for transactions and have low management fees. It can be said that money market funds are the most inexpensive of all mutual funds.


Benefits Guide

Spot Trading

The divinecows platform offers four investment products: gold, silver, crude oil and natural gas. You can choose any product or multiple products to open and close a position on your own, or you can choose to follow the platform's talented trader clients with one click. Whether you trade on your own or follow, you can earn by earning the spread on commodity price fluctuations with a minimum margin of Rs 5,000.

Monetary Fund

A money fund, also known as a money market fund, is a type of mutual fund. It earns a steady income by investing in gold derivative trading instruments such as gold stocks and gold ETFs. Divinecows customers can invest and participate directly through the user centre of the trading system and earn up to 0.06% daily.

Promotional Commissions

Invite your friend to register and recharge through your promotional link and you will earn a minimum promotional commission of 100RS per lot for his transactions. The promotional commission is automatically settled at the end of the transaction. For example, if you invite 10 friends and each friend trades 10 lots per day at 100RS per lot, you will receive a promotional commission of 10000RS per day.


Platform rules

Account Level Account balance Minimum single order Maximum single order Maximum held orders Handling fee Margin Minimum Transfer to Money Fund Money Fund Daily Returns
LV1 Rs.0.1 lakh~99999 0.1 lots 0.5 lots 1 lots Rs.3000/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.1%
LV2 Rs.1 lakh~499999 0.1 lots 5 lots 10 lots Rs.2000/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.15%
LV3 Rs.5 lakh~1999999 0.1 lots 20 lots 50 lots Rs.1500/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.2%
LV4 Rs.20 lakh~4999999 0.1 lots 30 lots 90 lots Rs.1350/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.3%
LV5 Rs.50 lakh~9999999 0.1 lots 30 lots 90 lots Rs.1200/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.4%
LV6 Rs.100 lakh 0.1 lots 30 lots 90 lots Rs.1000/lot Rs.50000 or 100000 Rs.10000 0.5%
Products Quotation Subject
CO Rs/barrel 1000barrels/lot
AU Rs/g 1000g/lot
SI Rs/g 10000g/lot
Commissions are at three levels level 1 level 2 level 3
600RS/lot 450RS/lot 300RS/lot